Thumbtack Help Center

Built a Help Center single-page application (SPA) from the ground up using Create React App and Redux on top of the Salesforce Remote Objects API.

Splash page design & code completed in 2015. Goal was to create an engaging first impression, but with a sense of humor. See if you can spot the Zoolander reference!

Namecheap Mobile

A simple responsive page for getting an app download link via SMS.

I built the agent profile on using React.js and Reflux. Homely is an Australian real estate search engine.

Harmony for Philips Hue

Using Polymer I built this app for setting a Philips Hue lighting system using the color theory relationships of an artist’s color wheel.

Namecheap Blog

Namecheap WordPress theme design & code in January 2015.

An especially responsive splash-style homepage for the popular iPhone game Evil Apples, built on Squarespace.

Yelp Styleguide

I had a lead role on the small five-person team that created Yelp’s public styleguide. The styleguide precipitated an organization-wide effort towards modular design across all platforms.

Yelp Weekly Email

I co-designed and built Yelp’s Weekly email which is sent to several million users each week. This was a rare mobile-first email design project, which was challenging considering the extreme limitations of HTML email. This project led to a further overhaul of Yelp’s entire HTML email template inventory, where I was the lead developer. Check out the desktop version.

Philips Hue Workflow for Alfred 2

I created this handy dandy workflow for controlling a Philips Hue lighting system, built in my favorite scripting language, Python.

Looking for more?

I also have a Flickr screenshot portfolio of older projects.